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Instituto Global reconoce al IAIRD por logros en certificaciones profesionales

Noticias e Informaciones

In 2015, The IIA introduced Addendum A: Certification Promotion Agreement a mandatory agreement for all Institutes as part of the Master Relationship Agreement (MRA). Addendum A ensures that The IIA’s suite of global certification programs are promoted around the world through our Institute partnerships. One of the most valuable benefits this agreement offers is an opportunity for Institutes to generate additional revenue by effectively growing the number of certification parts taken in their country over a three-year period.

We would like to congratulate IIA Dominican Republic for successfully increasing the number of certification registration parts in your country or territory in 2018. This is a significant achievement for The IIA’s global network as we work to continually increase the number of certified individuals around the world. On behalf of The IIA, I would also like to thank you for your continued support and promotion of The IIA’s certification suite of products. The success of the internal audit profession rests solely with those committed and dedicated to the growth of the profession globally which is demonstrated by your Institute.

As a result of your efforts in 2018, your Institute met or exceeded the percentage growth and is eligible to receive a share of the revenue.


3 Year Avg.



  IIA Dominican Republic




Everyone in your Institute is to be congratulated for their successful and outstanding efforts to grow the profession globally and increase the number of certified internal auditors worldwide. Please convey these compliments to your entire board and other staff/volunteers for exceeding your goals for 2018. 

Again, congratulations for your achievement.

Kind regards,


Christian Chacon
Manager, Certifications Financial & Business Analysis
The Institute of Internal Auditors, Global Headquarters

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